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Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer in Texas

Semi-trucks are useful and necessary to transport consumer goods across our country to ensure that we not only have food available for our families, but also clothing, shoes, fabric, building materials, household goods, automobiles, automobile parts, trucks, and an endless list of items we have become accustomed to having in our daily lives.

Thousands of semi-trucks transporting these items also means many individuals and families are at risk of involvement in an 18-wheeler accident. The mere size of an 18-wheeler truck compared to that of an automobile strongly increases the chances of serious, if not fatal, injuries when one collides with a car, small truck, or motorcycle.


Semi-Truck Accident Litigation Attorney in Texas

Many Texas semi-truck crashes could be avoided if the 18-wheeler trucks were properly serviced, and if drivers and trucking companies adhered to the regulations that the law dictates. There are rules written by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that regulate the semi-truck and 18-wheeler trucking industry, and include:

  • Limiting the length of driving time allowed for each 18-wheeler truck driver
  • Driving logs that are properly maintained and signed by each driver
  • How a driver is supposed to respond in case of an accident
  • Keeping truck maintenance logs
  • Loading of trucks to maintain proper balance in the trailer of the truck

Experienced Austin Truck Accident Lawyer in Texas

The most recent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records available for truck and bus-related accidents indicate that in 2008 the following statistics occurred nationwide:

  • 123,918 semi-trucks were involved in non-fatal crashes
  • 4, 229 fatalities involved 18-wheeler semi-trucks
  • 90,000 injuries involved 18- wheelers
  • 318 pedestrians were involved in fatality accidents with 18-wheeler semi-trucks
  • 69 bicyclist were involved in fatality accidents with 18-wheelers

Causes of Truck Accidents

According to other FMCSA records, the following factors contributed to, or caused the above accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks:

  • Truck drivers driving fatigued
  • Loads not properly balanced or secured
  • Truck drivers using cell phones (texting, and/or dialing)
  • Truck drivers using computers
  • Truck drivers improperly trained
  • Poorly maintained trucks with braking, and/or worn tires causing blow outs and subsequently causing the driver to lose control of their trucks
  • Negligent driving
  • Alcohol, and/or drug abuse


18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Texas

Shaw Cowart has the best Austin, Texas Semi-Truck Crash Attorneys with a highly effective and experienced team determined to fight for your rights, and ensure that you and your family receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Shaw Cowart today for a free consultation.

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