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As consumers, we depend on car manufacturers to tell us the truth. We put our trust in these powerful companies not only to build motor vehicles that are safe for driving, but also to tell us when cars and trucks are flawed.

Consequently, people are rightfully shocked when they discover that a motor vehicle manufacturer knew about an auto defect and concealed the flaw, apparently to prioritize profits over consumers’ rights and safety. Consumers have a right to know.

Volkswagen Continues to Be the Focus of Worldwide Scrutiny

German auto manufacturer Volkswagen is being investigated by the United States and multiple other countries after it was revealed that 11 million of the company’s “clean-diesel” vehicles were rigged with software designed to give false results on emissions tests. As many as 500,000 cars in the U.S. are believed to be intentionally fitted with the defective software.

There is significant pressure from federal and state lawmakers to look for remedies for affected car owners. In Texas and throughout the country, tax incentives encouraged car buyers to purchase what were believed to be VW’s “clean-diesel” cars, but in reality the vehicles failed to pass emissions tests. The car models affected by the defective software include:

  • VW Beetle (2009-15)
  • VW Jetta (2009-15)
  • VW Golf (2009-15)
  • VW Passat (2012-15)
  • Audi A3 (2009-15)

The Volkswagen Scandal Echoes Other Concerns in the Auto Industry

Unfortunately, records of quality, safety and honesty are far from perfect among motor vehicle manufacturers, and consumers end up paying for much more than a car. Whether it’s a monetary loss, a serious injury or both, the impact of an automotive defect can be permanently life-altering and sometimes fatal.

That is why product liability law exists — to provide people with legal recourse when a defective product causes financial or physical harm.

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As product liability lawyers, we understand the trust you place in product manufacturers, and when that trust is broken, you can count on us to fight to protect your rights. We have the knowledge and resources to take on large manufacturers and their insurers in order to maximize compensation for our clients.

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