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Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulations which ensure safe use of medical devices for consumers, manufacturers have been known to pressure the FDA to hurry through approval procedures and decrease current regulations for the sake of their own financial gain. When company profits are prioritized over public safety, it is no surprise to see an increase in defective medical device lawsuits.

Similar to defective products, claims of defective medical devices may hold manufacturers, distributors, and retailers liable for a device that causes personal injury or death. A notable difference is that defects of medical devices inherently involve a victim who has already experienced illness or injury in order to initially seek medical attention.

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Patients depend on medical products to assist with the body’s natural healing process and support a high quality of life. Any experience of detriment to one’s health is unfortunate, but it is especially tragic when the cause of harm is the treatment itself.

Defective medical devices may include pacemakers, artificial heart valves, IVC filters, unsafe breast implants, transvaginal mesh implants, and artificial joints.

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