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The oil and gas industry’s royalty and mineral leases are fraught with many issues encountered by land or mineral owners, as well as companies servicing oil and gas operators. Living in a major oil industry state, such as Texas, it is in your best interest to seek assistance from a knowledgeable law firm, experienced in the oil and gas industry, who can protect your property from complexities involving potential disputes and legal challenges.

Oil and gas litigation may involve calculation of royalties, overdue payments, breach of contract, fraudulent bookkeeping, non-compete agreements, titles, liability for environmental damages, land leases, citizen protest, surface access rights, well density, responsibility for production expenses, and valuation of minerals rights and interest.

Experienced Austin Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney in Texas

Mineral rights can be owned by a number of different parties, each having the option to lease their rights to different oil and gas companies. Before a well is drilled, legal guidance helps oil and gas companies determine whether other parties are entitled to potential interest and royalties. Additionally, prior to drilling, legal assistance helps property owners with contracts drawn up to clarify land lease terms, a timeline for royalties, and a party responsible for environmental safety.

The diverse legal needs inherent to oil and gas litigation requires the expertise of experienced Austin oil and gas litigation attorneys practicing an aggressive approach to defend your rights and help you understand your responsibilities. Shaw Cowart LLP represents exploration or production companies of the oil and gas industry as well as owners of valuable land and mineral rights. Our knowledgeable and efficient team of legal oil and gas litigators is prepared to achieve positive outcomes for all types of oil and gas litigation disputes in Houston, Texas.

To enlist the help from an experienced Austin oil and gas litigation attorney contact Shaw Cowart LLP today to set up your free initial consultation. Call us toll free at 1-877-303-0383, at 512-499-8900, or contact us online.

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