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Product defects related to manufacturing, design, and labeling errors, often lead to serious injuries for the consumers of those products. In the case of defective drugs, the already unfortunate condition of poor health is only made worse by the exact product which is supposed to improve the healing process. When a manufacturer uses a defective design, practices insufficient testing methods, or allows careless manufacturing production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, they are liable for any injuries caused by that drug.

Drug manufacturers – abusing consumers’ need for new medications and prioritizing profit over safety – push the Food and Drug Administration to approve new drugs for the market before adequate testing is completed. Since 2000, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act redefined approval provisions leading to a significantly increased flow of new drugs in the consumer market. Despite a rise in injuries and fatalities caused by careless production or distribution of defective drugs, the pharmaceutical industry continues to generate exceptional profits from the sale of medication.

Pharmaceutical Litigation Attorney

When defective products are reported to drug manufacturers they may respond by adjusting labels accordingly or discontinuing the product, but they are incapable of undoing the harm that was caused by their consumers’ injuries. Challenging drug companies and their vast expanse of legal resources can be overwhelming for an individual, especially when healing, financial hardship, and emotional trauma are primary concerns.

The Shaw Cowart LLP defective drugs lawyers have the trial expertise, industry knowledge, and assertive approach to alleviate your legal concerns, defend your rights, and help you strive for the healthy and prosperous future you deserve.

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