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If a priest, pastor, or other member of the clergy has abused you, you may fear coming forward for diverse and emotional reasons. Your memories of the event may be complicated by the trauma you suffered – which can make you feel as if no one will believe you. Your community may pressure you and others like you not to speak up. You may feel as if you are alone.

You are not alone. Many lawyers, seeking better ways to help those who were abused and to prevent abusers from continuing to prey on the vulnerable, have been filing civil lawsuits as a way to hold abusive clergy members and their superiors accountable. By stepping forward, you can take control over what has happened to you, and you can help prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Although the Catholic Church has appeared most often in the headlines related to abuse by clergy, it is not the only religious organization or denomination named in abuse scandals. Sadly, clergy members in many religions take advantage of their power and position to harm others. Within Christianity alone, priests and pastors belonging to Methodist, Pentecostal, Evangelical, Baptist and Church of Latter-Day Saints denominations have been accused of dark crimes against vulnerable members of their congregations. Thanks to brave journalism – such as the Oscar award winning movie, Spotlight, which recounted the heroics of Boston Globe reporters who uncovered priest abuse in Boston – more and more Americans are becoming aware of the extent of this problem. However, even though we collectively understand that priest abuse needs to be addressed, victims of this mistreatment often have no idea what practical steps are available to hold abusers accountable.


Sexual Abuse Litigation Attorney in Texas

Many people who face past abuse feel hopeless, at least at first. “That all happened a long time ago,” you may say to yourself. “What can I possibly do now?”

Through a civil lawsuit, you gain the opportunity to confront the perpetrator and those who keep that person in a position of influence. You exert the power and control over the situation that were cruelly and unfairly taken from you when you were young. You can seek damages related to the abuse, such as the costs of medical care, pain and suffering, and the chance to ensure that the person never harms someone else the same way they harmed you.

A lawsuit provides a concrete opportunity for you to seek closure and do justice. Pursuing these goals can help you move forward – so that the perpetrator does not continue to harm your future the way he or she has harmed your past.

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