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If you are involved in a workplace accident, it is important to report any injury, both minor and major, to an appropriate supervisor and schedule a medical examination as soon as possible. Seemingly insignificant injuries have the potential to worsen over time and you could be held accountable for improperly seeking treatment for an injury when later filing a claim for workers’ compensation.

Common injuries resulting from workplace accidents include burns, brain injury, chemical exposure, back and spine injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The experience of a traumatic event, such as a worksite accident, may cause the victim to develop PTSD, an anxiety disorder with debilitating symptoms including depression, nightmares, and flashbacks triggered by factors associated with the event, i.e. locations, sounds, smells, objects, etc.


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Employers should provide employee training procedures to clarify potential job hazards and identify accident-prevention techniques to maximize safe workplace conditions and practices. Machines and equipment should receive regular maintenance checks to prevent breakdowns, repair malfunctions, and eliminate the risk of injury. Adequate inspections allow an employer to verify employees’ proper use of protective gear, confirm employees’ correct operation of machinery, and decrease the potential for accidents through proper assessment of equipment such as hoists, derricks, forklifts, winches, pulleys, and cranes. Causes of workplace injuries are most commonly attributed to an employer’s or co-worker’s negligence, inexperience, violation of safety regulations, or reckless behavior.

Factories, construction sites, warehouses, logging sites, and shipyards are commonly subject to falling objects and flying debris – hazards that can cause damage to laborers’ eyes, ears, and head. Injuries of this nature may lead to temporary or permanent disability, damaging a person’s capacity to earn a living. Stores, ships, hospitals, drilling rigs, and oil platforms are common sites for slips and falls which may result from lack of protective railing, slippery or disorderly walkways, or poor lighting. Many worksites utilize dangerous equipment such as power saws, hoists, forklifts, cranes, derricks, torches, conveyors, rotators, welders, and feeder belts. Poor manufacturing, maintenance, and operation of such equipment can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

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