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Though the nature of occupations varies from one extreme to the next, it is a person’s right to be protected and safe from harm when he or she goes to work every day. A construction site involves heavy operating equipment, tools, and machinery which increase the risk of work-related injuries for construction workers. Despite safety regulations implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), worksite accidents are a common occurrence, especially in the construction industry where such accidents often result in serious injuries or even death.

Texas law dictates that an employer is responsible for the safety of all employees, with the exception of contractors. Based on the temporary nature of contract labor, contractors are excluded from the rights afforded to permanent employees. Thus, when oil refinery and construction employers prepare accident reports, they are not legally required to claim injuries and fatalities suffered by contractors. Knowing that construction sites are prone to accidents and subsequent injuries, hiring an abundance of contract labor appeals to employers who desire to avoid responsibility for potential injuries and minimize accident records to maintain a positive reputation.


Worksite Accident Litigation Attorney in Texas

If the financial burden of a work-related injury is not covered by the Jones Act or worker’s compensation, victims of worksite accidents are sometimes able to make a personal injury claim against any third party whose negligence contributed to the cause of a worksite accident resulting in a serious injury. Liable third parties may include outside vendors, property owners, and general contractors. Additionally, manufacturers and suppliers may be liable if their product contributed to the cause of a worksite accident.

Worksite accidents may involve mechanical failures, slips and falls, worksite vehicle accidents, electrocution, structural collapses, and malfunctioning safety equipment. Compensation may cover losses including past and future medical costs, pain and suffering, lost income, and disfigurement. Punitive damages may also be pursued in the case of especially reckless negligence.

Whether it involves OSHA violations, defective equipment, or employer negligence, our team of legal professionals will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the details and cause of your accident so we can pinpoint all liable parties and hold them accountable for their faults. The consequences of a work-related accident can be devastating for the injured individual and their family. Shaw Cowart LLP’s experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping you receive maximum compensation for all damages sustained.

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