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Oil Refinery Accident Lawyer in Texas

Oil refineries are inherently dangerous worksites. As a contractor or employee you are entitled to work at a well-operated and safe environment. The hazardous nature of oil refineries increases the potential of an accident to cause catastrophic harm. Common injuries resulting from refinery accidents include severe burns, spinal cord damages, paralysis, fractures, brain injuries, coma, and death. Liable parties may include employers, property owners, co-workers, and equipment manufacturers.

Who Is Liable?

Though a variety of factors may contribute to the cause of an accident, most cases are the result of an employer’s or co-worker’s negligence. Causes of refinery accidents may involve unsafe working conditions, inadequate training of supervisors and other employees, human errors made by employees or subcontractors, malfunctioning tools and equipment, poorly-maintained equipment, falling objects, gas leaks, exposure to toxic chemicals, and failure to follow proper safety procedures.


Oil Refinery Accident Litigation Attorney in Texas

With a well-developed team of legal representatives readily available, oil companies will act fast to reach a settlement as quickly as possible. It is important to seek a Houston accident attorney immediately to protect your rights and ensure a thorough assessment of damages for fair compensation. You do not deserve to be under-compensated and swept aside.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a refinery accident, Shaw Cowart LLP has experience and aggressive Houston oil refinery accident attorneys to help you receive the compensation and justice you deserve for the losses you have suffered. Call today at 512-499-8900.

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