Your Accident Consultation

An infographic discussing Do I need an accident lawyersAfter getting into a serious car accident, you need answers and options you can rely on. Our experienced attorneys in Austin, Texas, know just how overwhelming your situation is because we work with accident victims every day. At a time when you are dealing with severe pain and physical injury, you have to simultaneously worry about medical bills and being unable to work. A car accident claim handled by our lawyers, if you choose to pursue one, exists to seek maximum injury compensation on your behalf. The first step is the consultation.

During this consultation, the attorneys at Shaw Cowart want to get to know you, and how this injury has impacted not only your livelihood but also your quality of life. We want to hear from you during this consultation so that we can fully understand your situation. During the meeting, you can expect to discuss:

  • Medical expenses and bills
  • Whether you’ve been able to return to work or if the injury has prevented you from going back to your job and for how long
  • Whether you are going to have to switch to a new career because you can no longer do your former duties
  • How you are experiencing the symptoms of your injury, including the degree of pain and daily inconvenience that the trauma has caused
  • Whether you’ve had to make significant modifications to your life, such as in-home nursing care, modifications to your vehicle or home, the constant need for assistive equipment, and an inability to return to the activities you used to enjoy

We know that filing a lawsuit may feel overwhelming and next to impossible when you’re also dealing with a severe physical injury. But it’s so important to learn about your options for maximizing your injury compensation. While your insurance company may give you an initial settlement offer, it is possible that you can recover a higher amount in a car accident claim. Getting the full amount of compensation you deserve is not only a form of justice,┬áit’s also quite necessary to moving forward with your life by being able to pay for your medical care and the other ways your life has been impacted.

Learn More About Accident Claims

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