Austin Distracted Drivers Blamed for Intersection Accidents

A recent report published by Focus Driven and the National Coalition for Safer Roads shows that more than one out of ten accidents that occur in an intersection are caused by a distracted driver. Researchers studied almost 120 intersections in twenty different cities over a three-month time frame. Results indicated that drivers were running red lights because they were distracted by cell phone use or some other type of distraction. It is estimated that approximately 7.5 million drivers run stop lights due to distracted driving every year.

The Austin, Texas lawyers at Shaw Cowart recognize that intersection accidents can lead to devastating results of catastrophic injuries that would have been avoided had the driver focused on driving. Distracted driving from use of a cell phone is blamed for more than twenty percent of all accidents across the country.

Campaign to End Distracted Driving

With such high numbers and such severe consequences, a campaign called “Stop Distraction on Red” has been launched by the two organizations that completed the study. This campaign focuses on the dangerous events that occur due to distracted driving and running red lights. Many injuries could be avoided and many lives saved if drivers would simply put down their cell phones and drive in a safe manner.

Austin Accidents and Recovering Damages

If you or someone you loved has suffered injuries that are caused by a distracted driver in Austin, Texas, enlist the advocacy of the lawyers at Shaw Cowart. We will guide you through this legal process and ensure you receive the money you are owed. Contact us today for a free consultation.