Austin Personal Injury Attorneys with Shaw Cowart LLP

It has often been stated that “knowledge is power.”  The personal injury lawyers at Shaw Cowart LLP have a thorough understanding of the law, and the expertise necessary to navigate through the court system on behalf of each client.  This knowledge and experience has won the respect of insurance companies, defense attorneys, and judges, and gives each client the assurance that they have the best legal representation available.

Personal Injury Representation in Austin

In each Austin Personal Injury case Shaw Cowart LLP attorneys carefully examine:

  • The scene of the accident to help determine possible causes
  • Pictures taken at the scene (we always encourage each client to take pictures and provide them to our team)
  • Injuries connected to the accident
  • Medical transportation to hospital
  • Physicians bills
  • Prescription bills
  • Physical therapy bills
  • Medical equipment bills
  • Work loss
  • Witnesses present at the scene of the accident (names, telephone numbers, etc.)

It is also imperative you are aware of the statute of limitations in filing a claim for personal injuries to ensure you do not do so too late to receive the fair and just compensation that is due you and your loved ones.

While we do work with insurance companies on behalf of our clients, they respect the fact that we will not hesitate to move our clients’ cases forward through the court system if they are unwilling to provide fair and just compensation for our client’s injuries.

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