Bad Faith Insurance Claims

There are times when even seemingly minor storms can produce wind and rain strong enough to cause heavy damage to homes and property.  One recent example involves storms with high winds in East Texas.  Fortunately, there were no personal injuries reported; however, it does appear that many people will need to file insurance claims for property damage.

While the storm did not affect Austin residents, during the storm in East Texas power lines were downed by falling trees subsequently causing power failures in some parts of the area.  People were grateful that no injuries occurred, but they were concerned about the damages incurred by the fallen trees, and power outages.  In some areas, authorities were able to establish that wind gusts clocked at almost 75 mph causing RV campers to roll over, including one with people inside.  In addition, some people lost the roofs on their homes which also caused extensive damages to their furniture, and the interior of their homes.

Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Some people who file insurance claims for damage to their property may discover that their insurance company is uncooperative and even attempting to dispute their claim.  If this happens, it is very unsettling to learn that while you, the homeowner, thought you had paid for the necessary coverage if your home or property were damaged, you are now learning that your coverage was not what it appeared to be.

If you have filed insurance claims for damages to your home or property, and you are now learning that your insurance company is disputing your coverage, contact Austin Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Shaw Cowart for advice.  Shaw Cowart has a strong and successful history of assisting their clients in filing bad faith insurance claims in Austin.

Source: Longview News-Journal, “High winds, low damage from Tuesday’s East Texas storms,” Angela Ward, Jan. 31, 2013