Business Interruption Insurance & COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused both state-mandated shutdowns and independent decisions for businesses to shut their doors this year.  In order to protect against these kinds of unexpected closures, Business Interruption Insurance is purchased by business owners all across the country.  However, insurance companies are trying their hardest to deny coverage of these claims to policyholders.

We are currently accepting Business Interruption Insurance cases; representing people on a contingency fee basis. Meaning that we don’t get paid until you do.  Read more below about how we can help file your claim.

Do I have a Business Interruption Insurance claim with COVID-19? 

Business Interruption Insurance policies are personalized to the insured’s business. This pays for loss of business income due to a necessary halt of normal business operations. This halt of operations may appear directly from contamination of the facility from COVID-19, state or local authority’s order, the need to protect employees and customers, or countless of other causes which effect the use of your business and property for its intended purpose.

A business owner’s coverage of damages due to the coronavirus comes down to the insurer’s specific policy and external conditions. Additionally, it could consist of cases where the federal or state government ordered them to shut down operations.  If your business has been damaged by the government-mandated shutdown, you are likely counting on your business interruption insurance to replace lost income, pay bills, and cover payroll. It is likely that the insurance industry will be denying business interruption claims on a wholesale basis.  Even if this does not happen, many insurance companies will deny claims stemming from this pandemic, aiming to rely on exclusions or other policy language.