Common Causes of Neck and Back Injuries

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Neck and back injuries can occur in any almost any type of accident, from a car wreck to slipping on a wet floor, or even while performing what seems like a routine task at work.

You may notice the pain instantly, or you may be so focused on more obvious injuries that you don’t realize you have a neck or back injury until much later. Severe injuries, such as spinal cord injury, are almost always immediately apparent, but dangerous fractures that shift and puncture your spinal cord may not be.

Whether you have suffered a catastrophic neck or back injury, or a debilitating injury that crept up on you over time, the experienced Austin personal injury attorneys of Shaw Cowart LLP are here to fight for full compensation for you.

Accidents Causing Neck and Back Injuries

Examples of the accidents that can cause neck and back injuries include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Nursing home falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Assaults
  • Improper lifting and other work-related activities
  • Defective product accidents, such as falls from defective ladders

Liability for Neck and Back Injuries

To recover full compensation, you must know who can be held liable. That will depend on the type of accident and circumstances leading up to your injury. For instance, in a car accident, the negligent driver may be liable. But if a crashworthiness defect in your vehicle, such as a defective headrest, caused you to incur the injury in a crash where you normally wouldn’t have, the auto manufacturer, seller, or someone else along the supply chain may be held responsible due to the product defect.

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