Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries

filling up a work injury claim form with a wrapped hand

Top Five OSHA Standards Violations in 2021 r1Workplace injuries are a common thing. The worst thing is that some employers fail to implement appropriate measures that would help in mitigating workplace accidents and injuries.

When involved in an accident or get injured while working, we at Shaw Cowart LLP can help you negotiate your case and file for compensation. With our impeccable record, we can guarantee you exceptional legal services tailored to winning your case.

Some of the common workplace accidents and injuries our clients often report to us include:

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls cause about a third of workplace injuries. Most workers file for compensation claims due to accidents resulting from these factors. Injuries likely to be faced here include head, neck, back injuries, broken bones, and pulled muscles.

Injuries in traffic accidents

You might also get injured while on the road. Accidents involving vehicles can be disabling. This usually calls for further treatment that demands compensation from the employer. At Shaw Cowart LLP, we can guide you through the legal process to ensure you’re well compensated for injuries or losses incurred.

Machinery-related accidents

If your work involves using heavy machinery, you might be at risk of injuries resulting from using these machines. Safety training is very important when working in such environments. Employees should be trained on how to use machines and be advised on wearing safety gear.

Cuts and lacerations

Using sharp equipment around your working area can also cause injuries. For instance, employees working on sawmills are at risk of getting cuts and lacerations. Like using heavy machinery, employers should train their employees adequately and provide them with the correct safety gear.


Working to the point of fatigue every day can cause long term injuries or even death. Lifting heavy weights or pushing heavy equipment often results in long-term injuries.

You can always talk to us when involved in any form of workplace accident. At Shaw Cowart LLP, we value our clients, and we understand how challenging it is to fight for your deserved compensation. Talk to us today. Our experienced attorneys will help you win your case.