Don’t Fight Your Insurance Company Alone

Hundreds of consumers pay their insurance premiums faithfully every month and rightfully assume should they need their insurance, the insurance company will pay as it should. Unfortunately, too many insurance companies limit the amount they pay or deny claims that should be paid without any legal reason. These unethical, bad faith practices violate the insured’s rights and are illegal. An insurance company must honor and fulfill their part of paying for problems that arise for their clients that are in good-standing with their company.

Bad Faith Lawyers’ Insight

A bad faith claim is a complex legal matter that will require a tenacious and expert lawyer to help prove that the insurance company acted intentionally to deny or underpay your claim. The Austin lawyers at Shaw Cowart understand the tactics and deceptive practices that insurance companies use to increase their profit, and we can help you receive the benefits you are owed. Don’t fight your insurance company alone; enlist the bad faith lawyers at Shaw Cowart.

What Constitutes Bad Faith

Insurance companies have certain basic rules that must be followed to avoid bad faith claims. If you have been the victim of any of the following, you may have a valid claim against your insurance company:

  • Intentional undervaluation of a claim
  • Delay in benefit payments
  • Denial of a valid claim

Insurance companies often employ their own lawyers who are extremely knowledgeable on how to overcome bad faith claims. If you attempt to fight your insurance company alone, you will most likely realize you are at a severe disadvantage.

Bad Faith Representation

Facing a problem, such as a car accident, that should be covered by insurance is stressful enough. Facing a lack of insurance coverage that you have paid for adds to the stress of the situation. The bad faith lawyers at Shaw Cowart in Austin will help you prove your case and help you recover the damages you are owed. Don’t fight your insurance company alone. Contact us today to see how we can help.