Driving Tips When the Austin Weather Turns Severe

Traffic in rainy day in the city.  Selective focus on the wet sidewalk.The forecast in Austin this week calls for summer thunderstorms. As locals, we know you are accustomed to driving in rain, but our law firm wants to remind Austin drivers of the basic safety tips for driving in severe weather. As experienced accident attorneys, we are committed to sharing safety information to prevent the tragedies that car accidents lead to every day. Here are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s top severe weather driving tips:

  • Steer away from flooded roadways. Driving through rushing water is very dangerous and can lift your vehicle up and off the roadway with the flow of water. Drowning is a real and possible result. Turn around if you see a flooded roadway.
  • Reduce your speed to match the conditions. This will help with both reduced visibility and reduced traction. Increase your following distance so that you’ll be able to slow down without losing control if the vehicle in front of you has a problem. Driving slower will also reduce the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Remain alert for the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists. Bicyclists and pedestrians get caught in the rain just as motorists do, so we shouldn’t assume they aren’t around when the weather turns sour. Part of staying alert and attentive to the task of driving is being on the lookout for these other road users.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to change your windshield wipers every 6-12 months, or as soon as they are performing poorly. Large streaks or lack of a clear windshield are good signs that it’s time for old wipers to go.

It may be a good idea to delay your travel plans if you are able. When a severe storm is predicted, consider adjusting your commute or plans so that you won’t be driving during the worst of it.

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