Facing Commercial Litigation in Austin, Texas

If you have just been given notice that a lawsuit has been filed against your business, you need to enlist the help of an experienced Austin Commercial Litigation Attorney. At Shaw Cowart LLP, our Litigation Lawyers are passionate about upholding your rights and allowing you to focus on the daily needs of your business.

A litigation attorney will:

  1. Conduct a legal evaluation of every aspect of the suit. Each case is unique and requires detailed reviews of all information in order to develop an effective defense.
  2. Question any witnesses. Testimony from witnesses becomes a vital part of your case if it reaches the trial stage.
  3. Acquire citations from experts. Expert opinions are always helpful in proving your defense.
  4. Draft and file necessary documents for the suit.
  5. Negotiate with the plaintiff’s attorney. A settlement may be reached prior to the court phase through negotiation or mediation.
  6. Argue your case in court. Present supporting evidence if the burden of proof is on your side.

Ensuring you hire an attorney that has the experience and presence to handle all the essential tasks in your suit is your first step towards success in your case. A Texas lawyer understands the state and federal laws that will apply to your case. Every state has different laws, so it is imperative you hire an Austin Litigation Attorney if you are facing a suit in or around the Austin community.

A Commercial Litigation Lawyer has the expertise to face insurance companies, large contractors and corporations, and their representation, that may otherwise try to intimidate you into an unfair settlement. If you are dealing with a small company or a corporate giant, our Austin attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP know how to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.