Fatal 18-Wheeler Accident

In August, a 2009 ford pickup heading south on Texas Highway 36 drifted over the center line and into the path of a north-bound Exxon mobile tanker. The tanker driver was not injured but the pickup driver died on site. Though 18-wheeler accidents are notorious for causing severe personal injury and wrongful death, this particular accident is one example which proves that truck drivers are not always the ones at fault.

Naturally, in states like Texas where the roads are highly populated with 18-wheeler traffic, safe driving is of the utmost importance for everyone sharing the roads. The pickup driver is suspected of falling asleep at the wheel or paying attention to his cell phone instead of the road but the accident could just as easily have been caused by a mechanical defect or poor road maintenance.

When an 80,000 lb metal-mass collides with a 5,000 lb metal-mass while both are traveling at high speeds, the results are anything but pretty. Rather, the outcome usually involves an assortment of serious injuries and possible fatalities. Truck drivers are trained and licensed especially for the special class of vehicles they operate, just as all drivers are trained and licensed for the standard class of vehicles we operate. Even though safety is a responsibility shared by everyone behind the wheel, tragic accidents are still too common.

The victims of severe auto accidents and 18-wheeler accidents deserve to be compensated for their losses. Since fault and liability must be proven before compensation can be granted, these victims should seek a skilled Texas truck accident lawyer to protect their rights. Call Shaw Cowart LLP  today for a consultation with an experienced Austin 18-wheeler accidents attorney.