Fatal Hunting Accidents in Texas

Hunting is prevalent throughout Texas, including beautiful, scenic areas surrounding Austin. Safety is a vital part of successful hunting.

Unfortunately, negligent events take place while hunting causing many serious and even fatal injuries. Gunshot wounds or bow and arrow wounds are usually incurred. If your loved one suffered a wrongful death due to a hunting accident, contact Shaw Cowart Law Firm in Austin to consult with a Fatal Death Attorney. You may be eligible for financial awards due to your loss.

Factors that Determine Liability:

  • Events leading up to the incident – try to make notes from any witnesses as soon as possible while recall of the events is still fresh.
  • The nature of the accident – determining the experience of the hunters and the type of hunting will play a role in liability.
  • Defective hunting equipment could lead to a wrongful death. Tree stands, guns, knives, bow-and-arrows, and other equipment need to be evaluated if any were involved in the incident.

An Austin Wrongful Death Lawyer can help make the determination as to whom or what is the cause of the death. If it is a product that caused the accident, more than one person or company may be liable.

Each case is unique, and the Austin attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP have the compassion to listen to your case to help you financially recover from the tragic incident.

A detailed investigation will most likely be required. The location and all equipment involved should be preserved to allow for a proper analysis of the events that caused the fatal death. Timely examination of the facts can help your case. Contact our Wrongful Death Lawyers today.