Getting the Opinion of an Expert Witness

Getting the opinion of an expert witness in a jury trial can either make or break your case, and depends upon many factors surrounding their knowledge, skills, and the way they present themselves.

An expert witness will help you win your case if they have the following expertise:

  • Being well-prepared but spontaneous in their testimony or replies to questions from friendly or opposing attorneys
  • The ability to verbally illustrate complicated, detailed information using verbiage that any lay person can understand by articulating it in such a way that no one is offended or demeaned.
  • Being relaxed, calm, self-assured and confident, but not arrogant or condescending¬† during questioning and testimony phase
  • Being unbiased and objective, but factual in the presentation of their information

Expert witnesses must also be cognizant of their body language and what it is communicating to the jury:

  • Being professionally dressed gives an expert witness credibility in the eyes of the jury
  • Folding their arms across their chest or abdomen will display a lack of confidence, and even wearing a buttoned vest, or jacket can send the jury the message that they are distanced from the expert witness
  • Keep hands relaxed and open and never hold them close to the chest
  • Turn towards the jury as much as possible to maintain as much openness as possible
  • Direct eye contact with both the opposing attorney and the friendly attorney to show respect and confidence

Many people are of the opinion that expert witnesses are only necessary in high-profile cases; however, any trial attorney will tell you that their testimony is often critical in successfully presenting convincing testimony to a jury regardless of whether it involves financial compensation, or a guilty, or not-guilty verdict.

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