Hip Replacement Recalled, What’s Next?

Hip replacement surgery requires an intense and extensive recovery period. Facing an additional surgery due to a recall of your replacement can seem unbearable. Unfortunately, patients throughout Austin, TX and across the United States are facing problems with the DePuy ASR XL hip replacement implant. Implants from Zimmer and Stryker have also been recalled due to defects.

5 Steps to Take if Your Hip Replacement has Been Recalled

  1. Check your medical records to see if your hip implant has been recalled. The three main recalled replacements include the DePuy ASR XL, the Zimmer Durom Cup and the Stryker Trident.
  2. Assess your symptoms. Pain, swelling, grinding, walking problems, instability, slipping of the implant and other symptoms may indicate your need for an additional surgery. Do not wait for symptoms to worsen; you do not want to run the risk of a serious infection.
  3. Even if you do not have one of the recalled hip replacements, you should seek the counsel of your doctor if you have any problems with your hip replacement.
  4. Maintain a file with detailed records of your symptoms, doctors’ visits and doctors’ reports.
  5. Seek competent and reputable legal counsel from Shaw Cowart in Austin, TX.

Defective Products Representation

It is imperative to have legal representation from a defective products attorney in order to successfully recover the damages you are owed from the additional surgeries needed and all other complications suffered due to the defective hip replacements. The lawyers at Shaw Cowart in Austin, TX make it a priority to stay informed of all updates related to the recalled hip replacements. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.