How to Avoid a Car Accident at a Bad Intersection

A green traffic light at a city intersection.Every state has their fair share of poorly designed intersections. Whether you are driving in a car or crossing the street, bad intersections can be dangerous, especially if there are negligent drivers on the road. If you are injured in a car accident at a bad intersection, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

When entering an intersection known for deadly accidents, paying extra attention to your surroundings can save your life and others. Here are four things you should do to prevent a crash at a bad intersection:

  1. Avoid any distractions. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, distracted driving claimed more than 3,100 lives in 2019 alone. This includes distractions such as texting, talking, eating, etc.
  2. Do not tailgate. Always maintain a safe following distance when driving behind another vehicle. This way, if the vehicle stops suddenly, you have time to react.
  3. Pay attention to the actions of other drivers. One of the most common traffic violations is running a red light. This can be particularly dangerous at the intersection of two streets with high speed limits. If you see another motorist on a perpendicular road approaching the intersection with no indication of slowing down, stop just in case they run the light.
  4. Obey traffic signals. One of the biggest design flaws of a bad intersection is the short amount of time the signal takes to rotate. If you see a yellow light, do not try to race it. By the time the light turns red, there may already be a pedestrian crossing the street.

While it may feel like an extra hassle, approaching a bad intersection with caution can help reduce the chance of a serious accident and keep everyone safe.

Injured in an Accident at a Bad Intersection? Our Attorneys Can Help

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