Interesting Car Accident Facts in Austin

Each year, millions of people are injured or killed in car accidents. There are many misconceptions and interesting facts concerning car accidents, including:

  • 40% of car accidents that involve fatalities involve driving under the influence of alcohol. If the accident occurs between midnight and 3am, the percentage increases to almost 75%.
  • Statistics indicate that male drivers cause two times the number of car accidents as their counter-part female drivers.
  • The highest rate of car accidents that involve one or more fatalities involve a rollover of the vehicle.
  • Teenagers and young adults aged 16-20 are more likely to be injured or killed in a car crash than any other age group.
  • In the United States, approximately fourteen teens die each day in car accidents. That totals nearly 5,000 teenagers a year.
  • Car accidents cause more deaths and personal injuries than any other accident in the world.
  • Talking on a cellphone increases your risk of getting into an auto crash by 400%.
  • School buses hit and kill an average of 15 school-aged pedestrians each year.
  • Most accidents happen within three miles of your home. It is a common misconception that car accidents happen on long trips.

Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

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