Land Ownership Involving Surface Rights and Mineral Rights

It is not unusual for land ownership in Texas to be split up into separate sets of estates, or land ownership rights.  This simply means that while a landowner may purchase the surface rights to a property, someone other than the landowner may own the mineral rights below the surface.  If a company has an interest in leasing the mineral rights, they must have permission from the owner of those rights; not just the owner of the land or surface rights.  Since leasing contracts for oil and gas rights are considerably different from ordinary lease contracts, it is necessary to seek the advice of an Austin Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney at the beginning of this venture in order to avoid unnecessary litigation disputes further down the line.

Advanced technology is motivating companies to increase their efforts to sign lease contracts with Texas ranchers, and farmers.  While the ranchers and farmers are hopeful about the possibility of their land increasing in value, signing a contract with a large company to lease the oil and gas rights to their property can be stressful.  This is especially true when a company is asking the land owner to sign the lease within a limited time-frame.

Austin Oil and Gas Litigation Attorneys

Shaw Cowart Law Firm has the best oil and gas litigation attorneys in Austin. We will review the contract to ensure that your rights are protected in the following ways:

  • You are signing a legal and binding agreement
  • You have a fair agreement
  • You are giving the company clear time restrictions
  • You are being paid the current market value for royalties
  • Clearly specify your royalty beneficiaries
  • Prepare additional lease agreements for oil and gas pipeline easements
  • Prepare lease agreements for gas transportation easements
  • Prepare an agreement protecting your water rights
  • Verify that all contract agreements comply with Texas regulations and laws

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