Making Halloween Safety a Treat instead of a Trick

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Halloween can be a fun-filled evening of frolicking, costumes, and treats.  Unfortunately, it can become a nightmare for your family if your child has an accident.

Children are twice as likely to be killed by a car while walking on Halloween night compared to any other night, according to the Safe Kids WorldWide.  So what can you do this Halloween to keep your kids safe?

Here are a few safety tips to consider:

  • Use reflective tape and stickers. Put them on costumes or coats and treat bags.
  • Make sure each child has a flashlight or glow stick.
  • If possible, choose makeup over masks. It is less likely to impair your child’s vision.
  • Kids, and the parents who are supervising them, should stay off the phone and should not text while out trick or treating. If you absolutely must talk or text, stop walking and find a safe place where you won’t be impeding traffic, including other trick-or-treaters on foot.
  • If travelling by car, kids should get out on the curb side of the vehicle, not on the street side.
  • Good sturdy shoes that fit properly are a must, even if they don’t match the costume.
  • Only go to houses with the porch light on. Turning the porch light off is the universal signal that trick-or-treaters are not welcome.
  • Follow safe practices for crossing the street. Always look both ways before crossing and never dart out into the road unexpectedly.
  • Kids should only accept candy that is commercially wrapped, and should wait to eat their candy until parents can inspect it.

It is easy, due to the excitement and chaos of this holiday, to become distracted and let your guard down.  Teaching your kids about Halloween safety might end up saving them and your family from experiencing a tragic event.  Have a safe and happy Halloween!