Protecting with a Patent

Obtaining a patent for a new invention, or a new method of performing a function, is a key element of a successful business. A patent gives a 20-year monopoly for the invention covered in the patent with legal ramifications if it is infringed upon.

The Federal Government issues patents to encourage advancement in technology. Having exclusive rights to make, market, and sell an invention is extremely valuable to the inventor. The inventor has the option to sell the invention or to license his or her invention in order to collect royalty fees.

An Austin patent lawyer from Shaw Cowart LLP can help you navigate through the multiple technical requirements and complex legal issues of obtaining a patent. Many patent holders have fallen victim to obtaining a patent that is found to be unenforceable in court. A successful patent lawyer has the knowledge to avoid such pitfalls in writing your patent and to maximize its business potential.

Drafting a patent that will withstand infringements is vital to the inventor’s success. Profiting from your invention is the goal, and not losing your rights altogether.