Steps to File a Worksite Accident Case

After suffering an injury on-the-job, it is imperative for you to follow the proper steps to file a worksite accident case. You will eliminate any problems you may face with your employer’s insurance, and you will protect your rights if issues do occur.

Steps to file a worksite accident case include:

  1. Immediately report your injury or illness to your supervisor. Although you have 120 days to inform your employer, it will be to your benefit to inform the proper person as soon as it is feasible.
  2. Seek treatment from an approved worksite accident doctor. If your employer has a workers compensation physician or list of approved physicians, you must be treated by that doctor for the first 90 days.
  3. Your supervisor or employer should file an injury or illness report with their insurance company and with the Workers’ Compensation Bureau.
  4. You will receive an acceptance or denial of insurance coverage within 21 days. If you are denied, you have the right to appeal the ruling.
  5. Your employer must accept or deny responsibility for your injury or illness that occurred at your worksite. If your employer denies responsibility, you must file a petition to seek approval.

Shaw Cowart Representation for Worksite Accident Cases

If your employer or their insurance denies your benefits for a worksite accident case, you will need to seek the representation of an expert workers comp lawyer at Shaw Cowart in Austin, TX. We will create the accident case you need to be paid the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies want to protect their finances; you need to protect your interests. Call our firm today for a free consultation.