Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer in Austin can Help

When another person or entity acts in a negligent manner and causes severe or catastrophic injury to you or someone you love, your life can seem out of control. A personal injury lawyer in Austin at Shaw Cowart LLP can counsel and guide you through the process of filing a claim and recovering the monies you need to move past your nightmare. Our team of experts will build the best suit for you and reach the largest feasible settlement.

Contacting the right personal injury lawyer is vital to recovering the damages you are owed. Shaw Cowart LLP has the top resources to offer you the best service. Three of the greatest benefits we offer include:

  1. Our personal injury lawyers will not allow an insurance company to bully you into taking less than you are owed. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that want to settle for the least amount possible. Avoid making any statements that could release liability of the insurance or cause them to offer less than you need.
  2. Shaw Cowart LLP will carefully assess all damages that exist currently or could arise in the future. Damages for a personal injury can include:
  • medical bills
  • surgical bills
  • possible future surgeries
  • rehabilitation charges
  • medical equipment expenses
  • lost wages
  • loss of ability to perform the same line of work
  • loss of lifestyle
  • pain and suffering
  1. An Austin personal injury lawyer at Shaw Cowart will determine if more than one person or entity is responsible for your injuries. For example, if your injuries were caused by a semi-truck accident, the truck driver, the semi-truck company and the content loading company may each hold some liability for your injuries. We will investigate and determine every person or company that may owe you due to their neglect.

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