What Expecting Moms Should Know About Seat Belts

There are many conflicting opinions on whether seat belts are safe for expecting moms. Studies have indicated that more harm can result from a pregnant woman not wearing a seat belt than wearing one. Anyone is subject to serious injuries following a car accident; however, the stakes are higher for an expecting mom. Moms throughout Austin, Houston and across the country should buckle up.

Duke University Research

Recently, a study was conducted by Duke University’s research department. The researchers looked at emergency room records for pregnant women who were in their second or third trimester and had been involved in a car accident. The study indicated that only 3.5 percent of the unborn babies were injured or killed when the expecting mom was buckled, but the statistics raised to almost 25 percent of the fetuses did not survive for moms who did not buckle their seat belts.

Expecting Moms Need to Buckle Seat Belts for Protection

Most everyone already understands that seat belts help save lives every day. Expecting moms are no exception. Seat belts will help the mom to remain safe and the unborn baby to remain safe. Use defensive driving skills to avoid wrecks and injuries. Never drive while distracted or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. We can never plan for the unexpected, but we can take measures to stay safe.

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