What is Anti-trust and How Can Shaw Cowart Help?

The anti-trust law is a combination of laws governed by both state and federal statutes prohibiting business practices giving an unfair advantage or a monopoly in the market arena.  The anti-trust laws assist in protecting consumers from being forced to pay inflated prices for products, and/or services.

The list below describes some anti-trust violations:

  • Monopolies – a monopoly occurs only when one business has an unfair advantage over another business in that one business is offering a potential customer certain perks for doing business exclusively with them, thereby excluding any competitor from participating in a contractual agreement.  There are exceptions if there is a “natural monopoly.”  A “natural monopoly” occurs when a product or service is so unique that they are the only ones established in that particular line of business, therefore, no other business is competing with them.
  • Horizontal arrangements with competitors – whereby competitors in a business, or service, attempt to monopolize the market arena, and are intentionally attempting to prevent other businesses from competing in any business agreements.
  • Group boycott – group boycotts prohibit freedom of trade and are considered illegal.
  • Joint ventures – are only considered illegal and in violation of anti-trust laws when they exclude other like businesses from participating; especially when the joint venture outnumbers the businesses that have been excluded.
  • Market division – is an antitrust violation when an attempt is made to eliminate or restrain business competition.
  • Price fixing – price fixing occurs when business competitors agree to establish a specific and uniform price, or pricing within a certain range, leaving consumers with fewer options.
  • Tying – is only considered a violation when three factors are met and include requiring the purchase of a service or product in order to obtain another service or product, restriction of interstate commerce, and a business having the financial means to restrict the tied product from being sold by other businesses.

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