What is the Statute of Limitations for a Boat Accident Injury in Texas?

Life vests floating in water

Life vests

Generally speaking, the statute of limitations for a personal injury in Texas is two years from the date of the accident. This is the same for motor vehicle accidents as it is for boating accidents. It is best to take action long before the statute of limitations expires.

Taking action immediately following a boating accident enables a more thorough investigation of your accident. This can help to ensure all causes are identified and all liable parties are held to account. Waiting to file a claim may complicate this process.

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Reporting Your Accident

All boating accidents that result in injury beyond first aid and/or property damage over $2,000 must be reported to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department within 30 days. If an accident has resulted in a fatality, it must be reported within 48 hours. This report must include “a full description of the collision, accident, or casualty in accordance with regulations established by the department.”

Reporting your accident to the Department of Park & Wildlife is not the same thing as filing a personal injury claim, but can have an impact on those proceedings. When filling out the report, it is important that you do not suggest you are to blame for the accident. You may still be eligible for some compensation, even if you played a role in your accident. And, until an investigation has been conducted, your exact role cannot be known.

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