Do I Have Mineral and Oil Rights on My Land in Austin, TX?

Determining if you have mineral and oil rights on your land sometimes requires a great deal of research, and you will need to begin by obtaining a copy of the deed with a legal description of your property.  All mineral and oil rights, utility rights of way, easements for access or parcels that are singled out say for government or city improvements, etc.

All county records including your deed will be stored at the county clerk’s office, so determine in which county your property resides and contact that office to begin a search.

It’s important to keep in mind that mineral rights and oil rights are considered underground rights and can be sold, purchased, traded, or inherited just as any property above ground (i.e., home, ranch, etc.) can.  Many people have the misunderstanding that once they purchase a home, ranch, farm, etc. they own everything above and below ground connected to that property.  This could not be further from the truth.  Understanding your ownership rights is imperative when purchasing a home or any other type of commercial or residential real estate.  Asking your Austin, TX lawyer to look over the details of the property you desire to purchase can save you a great deal of money in addition to alerting you to any rights to minerals and oil that may not be included in your purchase.

Mineral and Oil Rights Representation in Austin, TX

This is an important question to ask before you finalize any real estate contract.  Contact Shaw Cowart in Austin, TX today to look over your real estate contract before signing it.