Motorcycle Accidents: The Right Gear Can Save Your Life

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It should come as no surprise that riding a motorcycle increases your risk for severe injuries more than other modes of transportation. In fact, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclist deaths occur 28 times more frequently than car-occupant deaths in traffic wrecks, for every mile traveled.

While there are certain precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself while on a motorcycle, you can never eliminate all risks. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be facing pain, disability, mounting medical bills, and time away from work that you and your family can’t afford. The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Shaw Cowart LLP can help you seek the justice and maximum compensation you deserve.

Protective Motorcycle Gear

infographic: Motorcycle GearProtective accessories and clothing are essential to protecting yourself against severe injuries in the event of a wreck. Use the following items every time you ride:

  • Helmet: Ensure your helmet is free of defects, such as frayed straps, loose padding, dents, and cracks. Wear a helmet that fits snuggly, but comfortably, when securely fastened to prevent movement while riding.
  • Eye protection or face shield: Some helmets are compatible with face shields that protect both your face and eyes. If you’re not using a face shield, use protective eye wear to prevent contact with insects, debris, or other airborne hazards that could enter your eyes and cause an accident.
  • Full-body coverage: Motorcycle clothing should be comfortable and climate-appropriate. Wear sturdy pants and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. The more durable and thicker the fabric, the more protection you have if you are involved in a wreck. A variety of motorcycle gear even comes with built-in padding. To ensure full coverage from head to toe, wear sturdy over-the-ankle boots and full-fingered gloves.
  • Reflective and high-visibility gear: Thousands of motorcycle wrecks occur every year because motor vehicle operators don’t notice the presence of a motorcycle on the road. Reflective gear and high-visibility clothing can help increase your visibility and reduce your risk for injury when riding a motorcycle. Keeping your headlight on, even during the day, is another measure you can take to make your motorcycle more visible.

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