Teach Kids These Bicycle Safety Rules in Time for Summer

Father teaching his little son to ride a bicycle

Father teaching his little son to ride a bicycleEvery summer, some parents go through the harrowing experience of taking their kids to the emergency room due to a bicycle accident. The causes of these accidents can be as simple as a child failing to wear a helmet. In other cases, they might have been hit by a car or a motorcycle.

Before your kid hops on that bike this summer, the following are safety rules you should implement:

Bicycle Safety Rules

Wear a helmet

Head injuries from bicycle accidents shouldn’t be overlooked since they can lead to serious brain injuries or even death. Find a fitting bicycle helmet for your child that fits perfectly. It’s important to ensure that the chosen helmet also meets the set safety standards.

Be visible

Ensure your child is visible enough when out riding a bike. Bright-coloured clothes or reflective clothing should be prioritized.

Get age-appropriate bike

Pick the right bike size for your child. Your kid is in better control when riding a lightweight bike. An ideal size will lower the risk of falls and poor control injuries.

Regular bike maintenance

Regular bike maintenance is essential. Always inspect your kid’s bicycle by checking the tire pressure, brakes, and chain. If possible, check the seat height from time to time. Sometimes you might be too busy to notice your kids are growing too fast.

Encourage biking away from traffic

Always encourage your child to ride away from car traffic. This is particularly important when training them. Cars turning onto streets or pulling out of driveways could lead to bicycle accidents. It’s best to advise your kids to ride on bike paths.

Hand signals

Don’t forget to teach your child hand signals. Knowing appropriate hand signals will help them make turns while using the road.

Rules of the road

A bicycle is not like any other toy. It’s crucial to teach your child the rules of the road. Teaching them simple basic rules can make a huge difference, for instance, looking around for cars, obeying traffic lights or street signs, and stopping at intersections.

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