Venezuela Oil Refinery Accident

On Saturday, August 25th, Venezuela’s largest oil refinery suffered a devastating explosion when a natural gas leak ignited shortly after 1:00 a.m. in Caracas. The oil refinery accident’s blast caused severe damages to nearby homes, businesses, and an adjacent National Guard post. Almost 90 people were injured while 26 people were killed. Of those killed by the explosion, 17 were National Guardsmen and one was a 10-year-old boy. Surviving inhabitants of surrounding neighborhoods either fled or were evacuated.

Although an investigation is underway and the cause of the tragedy is still unknown, some have speculated that the seemingly-increasing frequency of these incidents suggests worrisome issues within the state-run company (i.e. insufficient maintenance and/or inadequate management). Sadly, the international oil industry has grown accustomed to regular accidents and shutdowns. While the market usually experiences little to no impact, devastating refinery accidents continue to endanger the lives of oil industry workers across the globe.

Given the inherently dangerous nature of refinery work, related accidents can understandably result in severe personal injury. Victims may be subject to burns, paralysis, brain damage, or death. The employers, property owners, co-workers, or manufacturers responsible for refinery worksite accidents deserve to be held responsible for their liability.  Far too often, oil refinery accidents are traced back to the negligence of employers or co-workers to follow standardized training and operational safety procedures. Negligent behavior, which leads to catastrophic worksite accidents, should not go unpunished in any part of the world.

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