What is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?

Motorcycle lying on the road and car standing with open door after a collision

Infographic: Tips for motorcycle safety awareness monthIt’s spring! Now is the best time to hit-the-trail. Most motorcyclists will be up and about now that the season favors them to enjoy the ride and bask in the warm weather. With this in mind, May is often considered the National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. So, what happens during this month?

The main goal of the safety awareness month is to remind drivers and riders to be more careful on the road. With the sudden rise in the number of riders during spring, there is no better time to call to attention the potential risks and vulnerabilities motorcyclists face.

Throughout the month of May, The National Safety Council (NSC) urges motorists to be more careful when sharing the road with motorcycles. Some of the tips that NSC provides to help improve safety include:

NSC’s Safety Tips

  • Passenger car drivers should always maintain a safe following distance.
  • Drivers must be extra careful at intersections.
  • Drivers should never share lanes with motorcyclists. A motorcycle should be given a full lane width.
  • Motorcyclists should try and avoid riding in bad weather conditions.
  • Riders should position themselves well to be more visible to other riders and drivers on the road.
  • Motorcyclists are always advised to use turn signals when making lane changes or taking turns.

While these safety tips might help remind riders and drivers about their safety concerns on the road, accidents do happen. This is why you need a reliable counsel to help you in the event you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.

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