What to do When I’ve Taken Recalled/Defective Drugs?

When our doctors prescribe a drug to cure an illness or to eliminate our pain, we have a right, as consumers, to expect the drug prescribed by our doctor to heal us and not harm us.  Unfortunately, in many cases the opposite happens, and we are further injured by the drug that was supposed to heal us or ease our pain.

Learning from a news report that the drug we are taking, or have taken in the past, is being recalled can be very disturbing, especially if we have experienced some or all of the side effects initiating the recall.

Steps to Take for Recalled or Defective Drugs You Have Taken

  • Contact your prescribing physician immediately.
  • If you have experienced any side effect from the recalled drug, discuss them with your physician, including any side effects that may be delayed in presenting.
  • Immediately contact your Austin, TX lawyer at Shaw Cowart to determine your options for a suit which may include participating in a class action lawsuit.

Any type of lawsuit involving drug recalls may be an extended process.  If you have suffered injuries resulting from taking a recalled drug, it’s important to note that you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. Pursuing a personal lawsuit may be effective recourse to ensure that you have the financial means to pay for the specialized medical treatment you may need in order to receive medical treatment for your injuries, and also to pay for loss of wages while you recover.

Representation in Austin, TX

Contact Shaw Cowart in Austin, TX today to discuss your options after taking a recalled/defective drug.  Our team of experienced lawyers will be happy to meet with you to discuss the details of your case, and how they can protect your rights and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.