Certain Personal Injuries are More Prevalent in the Summer

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A young family run cheerfully through a wheat field at sunset

The first day of summer doesn’t arrive until June 20, 2020, but across Austin and the rest of Texas, it really feels like it’s already here. Despite the fact that people are spending more time at home in response to COVID-19, you can expect to see an uptick in some of the most common summertime personal injuries in the coming months:

People tend to get more active, kids are out of school, and – in more normal times – summer is a busy travel season. It remains to be seen how this summer will compare, but we already know that car accidents and other personal injuries are occurring right now, across Texas.

Here are a few tips for preventing the incidents discussed above:

  • Practice safe driving habits and encourage your teen to do the same. Don’t text and drive, or otherwise drive distracted. Obey posted speed limits, and allow cyclists, pedestrians and motorcycles their rights to the road.
  • Exercise caution at swimming pools. Supervise young children at pools, staying within an arm’s reach at all times. Review the pool rules with your children and make sure they understand them.
  • Stay safe on the lake. Don’t boat under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Follow all boating rules and pay attention to what’s happening around you.
  • Don’t assume pets are friendly. Even if it’s a friend’s or neighbor’s dog, hold out your hand first for the dog to smell you. Ask the owner if it’s okay to pet the dog. Keep small children away from unfamiliar pets or pets that you know to be problematic.

If you or a family member is injured this summer, and if you believe that injury was the direct result of someone else’s negligence, you should call the experienced Austin, Texas attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP. We provide a complimentary consultation so you can learn about us and we can learn about your personal injury. For your free case review, please call 512-499-8900.