School Bus Safety Reminders

Elementary school girl at the front of the school bus queueWith Austin students headed back to the classroom this month, it’s a good time to brush up on school bus safety; specifically, how to share the road with school buses that may be making frequent stops in your neighborhood. A little care and caution may prevent catastrophic injuries:

  • Stop when the school bus has flashing red lights or when the STOP sign is extended. It doesn’t matter which direction you are going – approaching the bus in the opposite direction or in the same direction. You must come to a complete stop even if there are multiple lanes. You must stop. It’s the law! Not only that, but stopping is how we all keep kids safe as they travel to and from school. The only exception for stopping is if there is a physical barrier median between your side of the road and the bus. Turn lanes do not count as a median. You can begin moving again once the lights have stopped flashing and the bus pulls away, or once the driver motions to you that it’s okay to pass.
  • Don’t tailgate school buses. You should allow a safe following distance for any type of vehicle in front of you, including school buses. When you are following a school bus, there’s the additional factor of frequent stops, so following distance is essential to prevent rear-ending the bus.
  • Stay alert for pedestrians even if the school bus doesn’t have any flashing lights turned on. Children and parents could still be around, standing or walking on the side of the road. A little bit of attention and caution can go a long way in preventing a serious pedestrian accident. Children don’t always remember the rules about looking both ways before crossing, so expect the unexpected in busy school-bus areas, and in neighborhoods and school zones.

The attorneys and entire team at Shaw Cowart wish our city’s students a safe, productive, fun-filled fall semester!

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