What Types of Legal Issues are Involved in Wage and Hour Lawsuits?

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Wage and hour lawsuits involve questions over the amount of wages an employee has earned, or the number of hours they have been working. In recent years, wage and hour lawsuits have been making up the majority of employment law disputes filed each year.

Wage and hour claims are often complex and may involve more than one type of legal issue. Common issues involved in these cases include:

  • graphic representing minimum wage on a speedometerMinimum Wage:Not paying the minimum wage as required by law.
  • Exemptions:Certain categories of employees are exempt from overtime pay requirements. This means that they are not entitled to overtime pay. Some employers make the mistake of classifying some or all their employees as exempt, when they really are not. Others wrongly classify employees simply to avoid paying them more.
  • Employee’s Job Title vs. Actual Duties Performed:Most Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) provisions are based on the actual duties that the employee performs, rather than their job descriptions. This means that the exemptions are based on duties performed and not job titles. A common mistake for employers is to base the employee’s FLSA status on their job title rather than their duties.

Should I Get a Lawyer for Wage and Hour Claims?

Filing a wage and hour claim requires documentation and can be complicated. You may need the help of an experienced employment litigation attorney to help file your claim. At Shaw Cowart, our attorneys have extensive experience handling wage and hour claims, and we can ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

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