Metal On Metal Hips

Austin Hip Implant Lawyer in Texas

Metal on metal hip implants continue to exhibit real problems in hip replacement patients. The hip replacement manufacturers that comprise the industry are beginning to acknowledge and recognize a progression of problems caused by these metal on metal hips.  Marketed to active patients as an improvement in range of motion and joint stability, these metal on metal hips in many instances are proving to do much more harm than good.  In essence, the friction and corrosion caused by the metals rubbing together can cause significant and serious damage inside of patients.  As the metals rub together, minute shards of metal chip away and deposit into patients soft tissue, bones and blood stream.  This, unfortunately, can lead to catastrophic problems.

The medical device attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP are currently investigating claims on behalf of victims who believe their hip implant devices are defective. If you underwent hip revision surgery or have been told that your implant may need to be replaced, contact our lawyers today for a free consultation and to discuss your potential compensation eligibility.

Hip Implant Lawsuits

If you or a loved one is having problems after a hip implant surgery, it is always good to schedule an appointment with your physician for a qualified assessment of health concerns. If you believe you are eligible to file a defective medical devices claim against the manufacturer of your hip implant, the Austin hip implant lawyers of Shaw Cowart LLP will help you proceed with appropriate legal action to defend your rights and receive fair compensation for damages sustained. Call us now at 512-499-8900 or contact us online.