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Construction sites are among the most dangerous work environments. Construction workers face hazards at every turn, from heavy equipment and power tools to tripping hazards and working at heights. When you add safety violations and human error into the mix, it is a blueprint for serious injuries or fatal accidents.Construction workers are not always advised of their rights when they are injured in the scope of employment. Namely, construction workers may mistakenly believe they are limited to workers’ compensation claims, when in fact they could have grounds to sue third parties who were negligent or willfully indifferent to safe working conditions. The civil litigation firm of Shaw Cowart LLP provides powerful advocacy to workers in the construction industry, enabling those individuals to hold general contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, property owners, utility companies and other entities accountable under the laws of Texas.

Shaw Cowart LLP offers experienced and aggressive representation to construction workers injured on the job in the Austin area and Central Texas. Tell us about your accident on our consultation form or by calling 512-499-8900.


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Our Austin construction accident litigation attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured workers, including accident victims in the construction trades. We represent carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, roofers, drywall hangers, painters, demolition workers and others who suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, and we pursue wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of the families of construction workers killed at job sites.

As necessary, we engage experts to document OSHA violations and to otherwise establish the liability of third parties for their role in construction accidents. Our legal team handles every type of construction-related accident, such as scaffolding accidents, falls from ladders and roofs, explosions and fires, electrical shock, building collapse, trench cave-ins, crane and forklift accidents, failure of safety equipment or failure to provide safety gear, slip-and-falls, machinery accidents, and vehicle accidents on or between construction sites.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are fully compensated for their medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering, along with applicable damages for permanent disability, diminished earning capacity or future surgery. We are prepared to go all the way to trial when we cannot obtain sufficient coverage through negotiations. Call 512-499-8900 to talk with our Austin construction accident attorneys.

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