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Facts About Slip and Falls Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has conducted substantial research on falling since it is a serious public health issue. The research shows that:

  • Medical expenses associated with falls among persons over 65 cost $50 billion, with the US federal government covering 75% of those expenses
  • Over 3 million adult fall-related visits to emergency rooms in the U.S. were recorded in 2019
  • The most common cause of injury-related death among adults in the US is falling, which claims more than 34,000 lives annually
  • One in four adults age 65 or older fall every year

Additionally, in Texas, the rate of slips and falls is greater, with 33.9% of adults over age 65 falling annually. If a loved one was fatally wounded in a slip and fall accident, call Shaw Cowart’s wrongful death attorneys in Austin today.

What Is A Slip and Fall Case?

All property owners or lessees have the legal duty to maintain a property’s circumstances in good order. This is the basis of premises liability law.

A slip and fall case is a common premises liability case. While slip and fall cases fall under premises liability, not all premises liability cases are slip and fall cases.

How Negligence is Determined in Slip and Fall Accidents in Austin

To bring any premises liability case, including slip and fall, victims must be able to prove the following:

  1. The defendant knew there was a condition on their premises that could pose harm to an individual
  2. The defendant did nothing to mitigate or eliminate the risk
  3. The plaintiff’s injuries or death are due to the defendant’s failure to mitigate the risk, meaning they caused the injuries via proxy

Property owners or managers may also be affected by the law of attractive nuisance when it comes to slip and fall cases pertaining to children. When a minor child trespasses on land and receives an injury from trespassing, the owner or property manager may also be held liable for that accident.

If a minor falls into an apartment pool without a gate, fence, or locking device, the law of attractive nuisance applies.

What Type of Financial Damages Am I Eligible To Receive In A Slip and Fall Case In Texas?

While the compensation amount for your slip and fall case in Texas may vary, individuals are eligible to receive damages to compensate for the following circumstances:

  • Lost wages due to injury
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Emotional Distress
  • Pain and Suffering

In the event you were injured in a slip and fall accident which caused a traumatic brain injury, contact our Austin traumatic brain injury lawyers to learn more about your case.

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