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Commercial Litigation Attorney in Texas

Since commercial disputes can have a significant impact on an individual and/or a business, it is crucial to seek skilled and knowledgeable legal representation to protect your rights and serve your best interests. With extensive trial experience for commercial litigation cases, and respectable expertise in a multitude of industries, the Austin commercial litigation attorneys of Shaw Cowart LLP have an optimal skill set and knowledge base to successfully resolve a wide variety of business and commercial disputes.


Business Litigation Attorney in Texas

Matters of commercial and business disputes may include slander or defamation of character, breach of contract, securities, trade secrets, antitrust, libel, collections, arbitration, employment disputes, partnership disputes and dissolutions, investor cases, and breach of fiduciary duties.

Practicing in federal, state, and appellate courts in the Austin, TX for many years, Shaw Cowart LLP has developed a professional familiarity with business climates and judiciary networks in local and surrounding areas. Thus, our accomplished Austin business litigation attorneys are uniquely qualified to achieve a positive outcome for any commercial litigation matters arising in the Austin area.

The Shaw Cowart LLP Law firm provides Texas commercial litigation lawyers tailored to suit your best needs and ensure appropriate compensation in the resolution of your business or commercial dispute.

To speak with an Austin commercial litigation attorney, call anytime to schedule a free consultation. You can also fit out our online consultation form.

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