Products Liability Defense

Product design and manufacturing is often a lengthy process that involves inspiration, dedication, attention to detail, and investment of time, energy, and capital. Many industries require adherence to specific standards and regulations to ensure that products are designed and developed to function safely and effectively. There are also requirements related to manufacture to prevent product defects, and specifications for creating instructions for use to include warnings and precautions to prevent injury during use of that product. When a defective product claim is brought against a designer, manufacturer, retailer, and supplier, there is much at stake.

Examples of defective product claims include design, manufacturing or marketing defects. If you face defective product litigation, the Austin products liability defense lawyers at Shaw Cowart LLP have extensive experience in defending and managing products liability and complex tort litigation. We provide our clients not only product defense experience but an understanding of the complex issues inherent in manufacturing and the acumen to explain complex scientific and medical defenses in court. From class-action lawsuits to multi-district litigation, we provide counsel and defense for companies to navigate the complex waters of litigation.

Austin Products Liability Defense Litigation Attorney in Texas

Having represented clients in many industries, we have a unique knowledge base, spanning scientific, technological, and medical fields. We work with consultants and expert witnesses to ensure that information presented in court is clearly presented and easily understood. Our aggressive approach to defending our clients in court is surpassed only by our commitment to protecting them from future risk of litigation.

We provide counsel to our clients to help them ensure compliance of their internal processes and procedures to prevent consumer risk and potential liability. We have experience with many consumer products, most especially pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, and home appliances. With so many potential products liability matters, our attorneys can provide stem-to-stern advice for everything from research and testing to warnings and warranty.

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