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Commercial disputes can be devastating to your business and even to you personally. They do not have to be. With experienced and reliable legal counsel, you can go forward with confidence. The Austin commercial litigation attorneys of Shaw Cowart LLP will aggressively protect your interests.

We are seasoned litigators, always ready to go to trial if that is the best choice for you. But we also excel at risk management, negotiation, and getting commercial disputes under control before they cause serious damage to your business. Although our office is conveniently located in Austin, our litigators have experience in forums throughout Texas and across the U.S.

Why Choose An Austin Commercial Litigation Lawyer From Shaw Cowart?

Our goal is to resolve your dispute quickly in a positive way for your business while minimizing your costs. Whether it is a complex dispute or something more routine such as a simple breach of contract, all commercial litigation matters have a few things in common. They must be handled in a timely fashion, with a minimum of cost while allowing you to recover the damages you are owed.

Putting off your legal needs or trying the DIY approach may be cheap today, but can increase your costs exponentially later down the road. If the dispute is financially significant to your business, you need experienced and knowledgeable commercial litigators protecting your interests at the earliest date possible to avoid costly problems down the line. Rather than charging a one-size-fits-all hourly rate, our Austin business litigation lawyers offer flexible fee structures to fit the situation.

We take the burden of dealing with legal issues off your plate, so you can focus on doing business. In many cases, we can nip problems in the bud before they spiral into a costly and time-consuming dispute that distracts you from managing your business.

Types Of Austin Commercial Litigation Cases We Handle

Examples of the types of legal matters our commercial litigators handle on a regular basis include:

Austin commercial litigation lawyers

Types Of Commerical Litigation Disputes

If litigation is necessary to protect your interests, we are the firm to handle it. We are experienced litigators with hundreds of trials under our belts. We are known for being seasoned litigators and have a proven track record of success. However, in most cases the best outcome for you and your company will come from an out-of-court settlement.

We are experts in providing out-of-the-box dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation or arbitration. When it can be achieved, the best resolution pleases both sides, saves everyone money, and maintains a reasonably relationship amicable relationship while preserving the goodwill of your company. The amount of money which changes hands as a result of your agreement is typically far exceeded in value, or value lost, by the position you are in when the dust settles. Our job is to protect your interests as a whole so that you come out the other side in the best position possible.

Business Owner Disputes

Shaw Cowart LLP represents business partners, LLC members, and minority shareholders in disputes with co-owners. We understand that the stakes are high, not only for the business, but for you personally. We have extensive experience handling disputes between business owners and we urge you to contact us the moment you suspect trouble is brewing so that we can start protecting your interests right away.

Business owner disputes can end several ways. When possible, and if it is what you want, we will help you resolve the dispute quickly, in a way that keeps the business going. Alternatively, we can help you negotiate a buyout that benefits you and your business and protects you personally from liability for any fraudulent actions of co-owners and the debts of the business. If a buyout is not an option and the business must be dissolved, we will aggressively represent your interests in dissolution proceedings.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can cause your business to grind to a halt with devastating financial impact. But these business-crushing consequences often stem from simple disagreements or miscommunication. The commercial litigators of Shaw Cowart LLP are experienced negotiators. Talk to us as soon as you see it coming. We will work to find a remedy that satisfies all parties and restores positive relationships so that you can keep doing business without the unnecessary meltdown that can occur when tensions are allowed to fester.

Premises Liability Defense

Commercial locations face an ongoing risk of premises liability claims, both founded and unfounded. It’s a simple equation. When someone gets seriously injured, they have medical bills and other expenses to cover. If it’s an accident such as slip and fall, they look to the property or business owner and their insurance to pay for their losses. If they are hurt by a criminal act, the victim may attempt to sue the business or property owner based on a theory of negligent security.

We have vast experience successfully handling both sides of personal injury cases. When an individual or family brings a premises liability claim against you, we can spot the strengths and weaknesses of the plaintiff’s case. We know if they have a good case and we can anticipate the public relations fallout of your response whether or not you were negligent. We will give you frank and honest advice so you understand the course of action that is in your best interest, whether it is to mediate or settle the claim or to litigate. If you choose litigation we will aggressively defend you.

Slip and fall, and other accidents. If you are facing a slip and fall claim, or a claim for another type of accident injury or death, you should call us right away. In fact, if someone is hurt at your business or on your property, talk to us immediately, even if you haven’t heard from them yet. Why? The most effective defense includes the most meaningful evidence possible. We need to investigate at the scene and we want to see and document the conditions as they were at the time of the accident. That is not to say we can’t mount a successful defense if we start later,

you might not even hear about the accident until much later, but if we can get involved right away we can document evidence that will blow a bogus claim out of the water before it can gain momentum or see the weaknesses in your case that you need to know about. Your opponent may have already collected this evidence without your knowledge.

Security issues. Negligent security claims are complex. The claim may involve negligent security personnel, defective security systems, or failure to implement adequate security measures for your particular business or property. Inadequate security is often based on the type of business, the location, any history of crime affecting your business or location, or a known direct threat. Foreseeability and your response to what you may have known are key elements. If the issue is an overzealous security guard, your hiring practices may come into question, as do your policies and procedures regarding training and how security personnel do their job.

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