Austin Business Owner Dispute Lawyer

Disputes among owners can quickly devolve into bigger conflicts with overtones for personal financial interests and the viability of the business itself. Ideally, these disputes are resolved quickly and conclusively, and everybody gets back to business. But very often the legal wrangling culminates in a voluntary buyout, a forced exit or dissolution of the business entity.

Why Choose Shaw Cowart’s Team of Austin Business Owner Dispute Lawyers?

At the first hint of trouble, you should seek out competent legal counsel for aggressive protection of your interests. Our Austin business litigation attorneys of Shaw Cowart LLP have extensive experience with partnership and shareholder disputes. We will pursue a productive out-of-court solution or advocate fiercely on your behalf in contested proceedings.

Our Austin-based firm handles ownership disputes in Central Texas, Houston and statewide. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call 512-499-8900 or fill out our online contact form.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

We represent business partners, LLC members and minority shareholders who are in conflict with their co-owners. Our business owner dispute lawyers in Austin emphasize swift action to assess the situation and take proactive steps that will position you most favorably for whatever the ultimate resolution may be. First on the agenda is determining the nature of the dispute and whether the parties can resolve their differences. If you are determined to salvage the partnership or business, we can advise you in discussions with the other parties. It may be prudent to revise the partnership agreement, operating agreement or shareholder agreement to clarify roles and rights of the members.

If it becomes clear that you are being squeezed out, or if you or another party wishes to leave the business, we can represent you in negotiating the terms of a buyout. We make sure that you are fairly compensated for your contributions and your ownership stake, and not personally liable for debts of the business or the fraudulent actions of a co-owner.

If a buyout is not feasible, the parties (or a court) may opt to dissolve the business and apportion the assets and liabilities. This may involve valuation specialists, forensic accountants and other experts. Our Austin partnership dispute lawyers will aggressively represent you in dissolution proceedings, aiming for an efficient resolution rather than protracted litigation.

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We handle all types of disputes between partners, members and shareholders, from disputes over management duties or direction of the company to allegations of embezzlement and other breaches of fiduciary duty. We also negotiate severance agreements and litigate breach of restrictive covenants involving former business partners or ex-employees.

In addition to financial considerations, we understand the need for confidentiality in partnership disputes and business owner disputes, whether you are staying on, exiting the company or dissolving it. Call the Austin office of Shaw Cowart LLP at 512-499-8900 or make arrangements through our online contact form.