Austin Investment Fraud Lawyer in Texas

With years of experience in handling investors’ claims against stockbrokers and investment advisors, the Austin investment fraud litigators at Shaw Cowart LLP provide their clients representation and support through arbitration or in court.

These cases may come about for a number of reasons, typically regarding unsuitability of selected investments where the broker or advisor failed to fully consider the investor’s needs or situation; failure to comply with the investor’s requests or to be unresponsive to changing market conditions; or churning of accounts, where the broker trades to the extent that commissions are artificially inflated. Call us today for assistance with commercial litigation in investor cases.

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Austin Insurance Dispute Lawyer in Texas

The civil litigation firm of Shaw Cowart LLP handles all sides of insurance coverage disputes and litigation, defending the interests of insurance company clients as well as representing employers and businesses in disputes with insurers.

Our team of highly skilled and highly determined defense lawyers provides insurance litigation representation in Texas and throughout the nation. We have successfully resolved hundreds of insurance disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation to achieve cost-effective results for clients. We do our best to prevent costly litigation, but we will not hesitate to pursue justice through the court system when it is necessary or prudent for our clients.

Client Testimonial

Shaw Cowart LLP skill, knowledge, and professionalism are what have propelled them to being one of the top rated law firms in the nation.

What truly sets them apart from other firms, is they take the time to get to know their client and not just the case.

Austin Insurance Dispute Litigation Attorney

Our attorneys can knowledgeably address the nuances of various types of insurance policies and the resulting conflicts between insurers and insureds. We have experience with:

  • Auto accident insurance (first-party liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist)
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Personal injury and tort
  • Medical malpractice
  • Professional malpractice
  • Labor insurance
  • Employment insurance

Other insurance disputes that may lead to litigation include fraudulent claims, exaggerated claims for damages, ambiguous policy language, competing interpretations, primary/secondary insurance liability and lapse in coverage (due to non-payment/late payment or insurer clerical error).

Experienced Insurance Dispute Attorney

Investment FraudOur firm frequently assists insurance providers in Texas and nationwide in seeking resolution of coverage discrepancies. We will carefully examine the policy and determine the amount warranted to the policyholder, and we will state the facts in a well-drafted opinion letter. After submitting the letter, we will work through arbitration and mediation to develop the settlement that will protect the insurance company’s interests. Shaw Cowart LLP‘s insurance defense lawyers have the reputation of always seeking what is best for their clients.

We offer a full palette of legal services to insurance companies, both in and out of court. This includes claim management, apportionment, coverage opinion letters, and resolution of coverage and subrogation disputes. We also defend insurers in civil litigation in state and federal courts, including declaratory judgments, liability litigation, tort litigation and appeals.

We also regularly represent businesses and employers in disputes with their insurance providers, from coverage disputes and policy interpretations to litigation over refusal to defend or failure to settle claims.

In addition to our skilled team of insurance litigation defense lawyers, we provide a team of highly educated and knowledgeable expert witnesses to solidify the successful litigation of each case.

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